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Devi Dance Studio® is a safe place to increase your skill set, learn, and enjoy what dancing is about without judgement or competition. Our classes are led by Goddess Life Certified Instructors®. Specialty Workshops and Classes are sometimes led by other professional dancers and instructors. To learn more about our history and The Goddess Life® click on The Instructors.

The Goddess Life: Foundation and Formation Classes

(Learn History, Movements, Transitions, Exercises, and Light Choreography)


**All Classes and Workshops have a suggested dress code of comfortable/breathable clothing such as: cami tops, t-shirts, crop tops, sports bras, yoga/tribal pants, harem pants, sweat pants, gaucho pants/shorts, leggings, etc. Hip scarfs, shawls, veils, dance/ yoga wear, and other adornments can be provided for purchase, or feel free to wear you own. Barefeet or yoga socks are suggested, but shoes are not required. If you feel more comfortable in shoes,  soft bottoms dancing slippers, suede, with no elevated heel are accepted. Low or high heels are for special workshops/choreography and will be notified in advance if needed.


Performance Style/Garb attire will be announced on specific classes or events when needed. Don’t get it sweaty, if you don’t have to :) ** 


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Specialty Classes and Workshops


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Choreography By Tahulla Setsena: $350.00+

Are you an existing dancer wanting to perfect a solo; or have an existing piece of music, and don’t know how to dance to it? Tahulla Setsena can make a choreography for you that reflects your dance level and/or style. In a few one on one sessions, you will be performance ready. Contact Us today and schedule a time for a consultation for your development.


Attack the Dance Floor™


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Studio Rental Space: $50 per hour


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