Goddess Life with Tahulla Setsena

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Tahulla Setsena

    Devi Dance Studio® offers more then a workout opportunity. Beginning, Intermediate, and Advance Dancers will have the options to partake in Themed Workshops, Events, Haflas and more. For now, we are available for online classes, choreography, and development.  (Debuting Late Spring of 2018).     

    Devi Dance Studio® is a safe place for all types of dancers, free from discrimination, competition, and judgement. Our core elements of dance are based on the beginning standards and foundation of Belly Dancing itself. 

    Devi Wear is our one stop shop for dancers and individuals who would like to purchase costumes, trinkets, garb, and props that are modern and traditional to the dance and social cultures of the world.

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    Since she was a child, Tahulla has been dancing. Her performances and skills have been displayed in talent shows, theaters, and professional showcases across the United States. Fascinated by ethnic dance styles, she ventured out to learn Rak Shariq (Belly Dancing). With Egyptian Style Cabaret, she started her professional career performing in various events, restaurants, and auditions at the age of 18. By 20, she fell in love with the variations in styles. Her favorite being, the multiple types of American Tribal.

    After a short break from dance and embracing her inner Goddess nature, she started dancing in the Kentuckiana Area. In 2017, Tahulla opened Devi Dance Studio®. Devi (Dev-vee) is the Sanskrit word for “Goddess”. Tahulla implements the Goddess Life Principals® into her Beginners, Intermediate, and Advance Foundational/ Formational Classes. “The Goddess Life®” is stylization, and techniques; developed and designed by the Professional Belly Dance sensation, Dolphina. 

    Tahulla kicks it up a notch with teaching and performing Tahulla Style™. Tahulla Style™ is her personally developed style of dancing that mixes multi levels of various dance forms such as; Pop, Hip-Hop, Belly Dancing, and others. This exclusive style creates electrifying combos, and beautiful choreography that displays spirit, heart, and soul.


    “Without proper form, Belly Dancing can cause more harm then good. This is such a beautiful, liberating, toning, strengthening, and expressive art form. We as dancers and teachers, have an obligation to educate, empower, and entertain our fellow dancers, guest, and students. I have used the Goddess Life® to not only have fun, but unlock my passion for all forms of dance. We should always stay a student, and learn what we can. No one is perfect, but only perfect our own craft as we go.” - Tahulla Setsena.

Tahulla Sestena Improve Dancing on July 1, 2017. For more info check it out on out Devi Dance Studio Youtube Page. Or visit us on Facebook and Twitter

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